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Since 1973, Martha's Meals on Wheels, dedicated, caring volunteers have been delivering meals Monday through Friday, filling a need within the community and connecting with those requesting assistance. The organization is supported by an active Board of Directors, a Coordinator of Services, local area churches and organizations, and numerous volunteers. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit. Download our brochure (front) and Intake form (back) for meal requests.


Clients constantly let us know how much they appreciate our work. The only thing that is better is when a new client tells us they found out about us from someone else. For us, referrals are the ultimate compliment, as they let us and you know the services we provide are needed and valued.

What Clients
Have to Say

In September 2016, Meals on Wheels of Staunton, Inc. announced its new trade name — Martha’s Meals on Wheels. We are the same organization, but found that many clients and donors were confused thinking we were VPAS or vice versa. Therefore, the Board of Directors decided we should operate under the name of Martha’s Meals on Wheels. Martha Wilkerson has been our coordinator and the face of Meals on Wheels of Staunton for many years – with that in mind, Martha’s Meals on Wheels became our new name!.

  • "It's wonderful to have a hot meal in the middle of the day. I also like meeting all the people who deliver. They are all so nice, and sometimes they do things for me like get my mail or go out to the kitchen to get me a glass of tea," Tom S.
  • "The meals are very good, and they are very faithful in delivering," Irving J.
  • "I like them (the meals), and they're handy, too." Myrtle S.
  • "I really appreciate it, and the deliverers are so nice to me," Delton B.
  • "I had brain surgery, and it's difficult for me to think sometimes. With Martha's Meals on Wheels, I don't have to think about what to cook," Deborah G.